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Important News!

Despite the highly successful open mikes we have run at the Colonial Inn for most of the last 12 years, the management has decided not to continue our open mikes. I just learned this for sure yesterday, and we will have only one more open mike, on February 23rd, featuring Paul Rogoschewski and John Schindler. We are already talking to others who may wish to provide a new home for our open mike, and if things go well, we are very hopeful that we will be able to resume in April and keep the previously scheduled featured acts listed below. When a door closes, sometimes many new, wonderful doors open. We are all part of a great folk community and we appreciate the support people have given us over the years. We now have some other venues interested in our relocation.

We have been able to retain most of the March features - in a different capacity - as dictated by the Inn. On March 8th, the trio PB&J will do a three-hour set from 8 to 11. On March 22nd, Al Gould will do the same. I will be on hand each of those evenings to catch their performances and to greet those who come by looking for an open mike. And - if we have news about I new location, naturally, I'll spread the word.

Unfortunately, the Late Bloomers, who were also scheduled to perform on March 8 were not included on that date according to the wishes of Inn management. We hope to give them a feature at a later time, in another location.

We are grateful to the Inn for their hospitality over the years, and we wish them well in their new ventures.

Thanks in advance for putting the word out as I attempt to do the same. All suggestions are most welcome.

Please check back at this site for updates.


The open mike begins at 7:30 with lottery sign up before 7:15. You may also sign up by email before noon of the day of the open mike at eschmidt@world.std.com or you may phone Ellen before noon at 978-369-8090 (you may leave a message). We have a featured act at each open mike at 9 p.m.

Upcoming Featured Acts

Here are the featured artists:

February 23rd Paul Rogoschewski and John Schindler

Featured acts from April on (if we can make appropriate arrangements):

April 12th Danielle Miraglia and Michael Troy
April 26th Allen Hopkins and Kinloch Nelson
May 10th Luis Gonzalez and Bob Morse
May 24th Lena Hindman and Steve Rapson

The Colonial Inn is located at 48 Monument Square in Concord. For open mike information call Ellen at 978-369-8090. Do not call the Inn.